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Read and weep: Soviet style “psych” tactics used against priests by bishops.

What I am about to post, read carefully.

Over the last few months I have been contacted by diocesan priests (and a religious) who were being sent by their bishops (superior) to be “evaluated” at one of these psych clinics for clergy.  The most (in)famous of these in these USA is St. Luke’s in Maryland.

The pattern is alarmingly similar.  The priest has some sort of dust up in the parish (or wherever).  For example, a woman gets angry because he preached about contraception, someone claims that he as “boundary issues”, somebody on the staff says that he is “cold” or “remote”.  They complain to the bishop.  The…

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Bishop Schneider on Chastity vs. a Society ‘Becoming Ever More Cruel’

Source: Bishop Schneider on Chastity vs. a Society ‘Becoming Ever More Cruel’

Then, not to be conformists with the lifestyles of this new pagan world. This means to keep and develop in them the virtue of chastity. This should be concretely practiced by young people today, the virtue of chastity, of purity. This will distinguish us as real Christians from the surrounding, degraded, sexualized society and youth. A chaste and pure young man or woman: they have not to speak too much, then. Their life radiates already a spiritual power that the others perceive instinctively. Young people, with the grace of God, and with the help of good priests, and formation, have to foster and develop and keep a chaste form of life. Concretely, [this means] to avoid all those forms of degradation that are very common, such as pornography, and other things that are not fitting to someone who is a disciple of Christ

Roman Hell-A-Day — The American Conservative


In a number of conversations in Rome, both with Americans living here and Italians who read their own national media as well as Church-oriented American websites, I have floated a theory: that one reason the Vatican is so staggeringly inept in its response to the crisis in the US Church is that they don’t understand…

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Priest removed from parish for clear, honest sermon about The Present Crisis

UPDATE 5 Sept: I have decided to close comments on this one. UPDATE 4 Sept: I pent almost 7 hours in the car today.  Calls came in and were made. It seems clear that the sermon Father Gavancho gave was not the sole reason … Continue reading →

Source: Priest removed from parish for clear, honest sermon about The Present Crisis